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I have had so many people inquire about Jamberry Nails that I thought I would post The Jamberry Facts. I absolutely LOVE the product AND the company! I’m so excited right now because we have had several changes over the past month that make it even easier to be a successful consultant and have a blast while doing it! You can do Jamberry as a hobby and make several hundred dollars each month on commission only, or you can focus on building a business team and earn a full time income with a part time effort! It is really an amazing opportunity to be a founding member of this company which really listens to its consultants and customers. There truly is no other party plan like it! We also have a couple of new consultant specials going on until the end of July that have made it the perfect time to join!

I have included some Jamberry FAQ’s and business information. Contact me any time with any questions you have. Like I said, I’m very happy to help in any way I can and I look forward to having you on my team!

Kinzie Jones

Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant



The Jam-Facts

Jamberry Nail Shields are a fun alternative to nail polish and is one the hottest trends in celebrity fashion. Jamberry Nail Shields are a super thin vinyl film covering that can be applied directly to the finger or toe nail to achieve a salon professional look. The adhesive and shiny top coat are built in to the wraps so that there are no extra steps for a fabulous application. There is no drying, no chipping, no smudging, no chemicals, and no damage to the natural nail! They are affordable, easy to apply, long lasting, and can be done in the convenience of your own home. There are currently over 350 wrap designs to choose from so you can really let your personality shine! Current Special ~ Buy 3, get 1 FREE !

*When you start recruiting, you can make a percentage off of your team’s sales. There are additional qualifications you need to meet each month in your own business to be Downline Commission Qualified.  The Jamberry career path is a smart and incremental way to build your teams and get a great paycheck! You can earn generous commissions and bonuses from team sales. See the Career Path chart for details.

* You can earn bonuses, awards, recognition, etc. as you grow your business. There are several goals you can earn rewards from starting in your first three months with the Fast Start Program, and should you reach those goals, this will enable you to earn a ton of Free Nail Shields and monetary bonuses!! That’s mainly how I’ve built up my personal inventory. See the Fast Start chart for details.

* There are a ton of training materials in your personal workstation, plus lots of support and training through e-mails, your sponsor (me!), Facebook groups, and more.

* You can have a FB fan page to share new designs, specials and business opportunities with your friends!

You can view more information on my website at http://kinziejones.jamberrynails.net. You can also watch the official Jamberry Nails video showing the application process on my webpage. I also post information, pictures and events on my Facebook consultant page: Kinzie Jones – Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.

Once you have registered, Jamberry gives you instant access to your website and back office/workstation where you can find tons of training, the Consultant Logo, ordering instructions, business card template, etc.  About a week after signing up, you’ll get your starter kit and Consultant Guide.  Everything you will need for your first few parties + will be included in your kit.

Jamberry Nails


The Starter Kit contains the following:

50 Catalogs

50 Brochures

100 order forms

Rubber Cuticle Pusher

100 Orange Sticks

5 Crystal Files

Jamberry Mini Heater

Consultant Guide

3 Buffers

3 Sets of Scissors

50 Sample shield sheets

1 Sheet of Nails in the Kit

***Credit to order 3 sheets of nails of your choosing.***

How do I sign up?

Head over to my website and click the party with us tab that will allow you to fill in your info and order your starter kit.

Click on the link below and then click on the “Join” tab. This will take you through the registration process.  http://kinziejones.jamberrynails.net  Take a minute to consider what your website name will be first though, as you’ll have choose that in this process too! 🙂 You can get started sharing with friends & family right away with your website!


Flip-Flop Ready!!


Summer is the perfect reason to have your toes looking flip-flop ready.  Jamberry Nails have over 250 different designs to choose from so you can match every single pair of sandals you own!  I bet every single day someone compliments my nails.  Try them – you will LOVE them!  And if you don’t send them back and get a full refund (within 30 days). 


jamberry nails

Jamberry Nails just came out with the coolest line of OMBRE nail wraps!  I LOVE them all.  Wear these nails and people WILL definitely notice your nails!  Makes any outfit extra glam!!!

Here are a couple more that I like:

Sunset Ombre

Sunset Ombre


London Fog Ombre


Citrus Ombre


Kiss Me Ombre

Check out all of the new designs at http://www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net

AND remember BUY 3 Get 1 FREE!!!!


Jamberry Nails Just Got Even Better!

Jamberry Nails Kinziejones.jamberrynails.net

Jamberry Nails has just come out with clear backing to make sizing much easier! They also have improved the adhesive and made the vinyl thinner for much easier application! PLUS they have increased their hostess rewards BIG TIME!  AND revamped the website – check it out!http://www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net/  LOVE this company!

What Style Are YOU?

One of the best things about Jamberry Nails is you can pick a nail for whatever style you want.  What style are you?

kinziejones.jamberrynails.net animal instinct kinziejones.jamberrynails.net boston proper 1 kinziejones.jamberrynails.net never land kinziejones.jamberrynails.net pretty and punkMy style is the Boston Proper minus those shoes – I would need a pair of flip flops or Converse.

Jamberry Nails has over 250 different nail designs.  One sheet is enough for up to 3-4 applications.  One application lasts up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 on toes.  I LOVE Jamberry Nails!

Check out ALL the designs at – http://www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net


Now is the time to buy for the holdiays.  Jamberry Nails make great gifts for any girl ages 0-100!  Jamberry Nails make wonderful presents for those teenage girls who are hard to shop for and super teacher gifts!   AND from now until December 15th, shipping is FREE with purchase of $45.00 or more.  Buy 3 GET 1 FREE!!!

BUY now at http://kinziejones.jamberrynails.net/home/default.aspx


LOVE the creators of Jamberry Nails!  They just came out with the new Jamberry Junior Collection for little fingers.  PLUS, Jamberry Juniors are non-toxic, latex free, and gluten free and made in America.   AND to remove the nails – warm (blow dryer, warm water, rice bag) the nail up for 15 seconds and peel off.  No more fingernail polish remover!  

Click HERE to order for your little one!  




Super easy to do!  All you need are the Jamberry French Tips and White Polka Dot on Red Jamberry Nails.  Add a red and black sharpie and Ta-Da!!  Hello Kitty is in the house!!!

Click HERE to order!


Just a quick look at how great the french tips look!  AND I have stubby nails.  The Jamberry French Tip Nails are SUPER easy to apply and stay on 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 on toes!

Click HERE to order!




So many people ask me how many applications can you get out of one nail sheet.  Well, here is a great example.  My 13-year-old daughter did her toes and this is how much she used.  How great is that?!  I love all the sparkle too!!

Click HERE to Order


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