Fourth of July Jamberry Nails

Go with Fourth of July Jamberry Nails if you want to have super cool nails!  Jamberry Nails are perfect for all holidays and Independence Day is right in there with the cutest  nails ever!!!!   Order now and you should get your nails within a week.




jamberry nails

Jamberry Nails just came out with the coolest line of OMBRE nail wraps!  I LOVE them all.  Wear these nails and people WILL definitely notice your nails!  Makes any outfit extra glam!!!

Here are a couple more that I like:

Sunset Ombre

Sunset Ombre


London Fog Ombre


Citrus Ombre


Kiss Me Ombre

Check out all of the new designs at

AND remember BUY 3 Get 1 FREE!!!!


Jamberry Nails are PERFECT for St. Patrick’s Day!

Here are just a couple of the Jamberry Nail designs that are PERFECT for St. Patrick’s Day! We have over 250 different designs so watch out – you will get hooked!


Jamberry makes it so fun to celebrate any holiday.  You will be AMAZED at all the compliments you will receive when you wear these nail wraps!  So easy to apply – Clean nail, heat wrap for 15 seconds, place on nail pressing down all over and file extra – AWESOME nails!!!

AND remember Buy 3 GET 1 FREE

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